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Stylish Hairstyles for Indian Gents

Earlier, Indian gents hair style was simple as they lived in their natural looks, but as the days went, men realised the importance and the necessity of enhancing their looks and today they compete with women in the same arena. One of the major tasks of enhancing their looks is the hairstyle.

If the hairstyle works out well in men, obviously they would look ever dashing!  While few hair styles are suitable for everyone, there are some other styles that may be more appropriate for men with specific shape. So,before attempting a new hair style, you need to consider if it will suit you and opt for the perfect style. Here are some stylish and trendy Indian gents hair style choices.

Straight Shag

This hair style is very popular.You can see the famous Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor in this haircut in his movies. It gives you a stylish and neat look on the whole. Lengthy and long hair will appear in front part. This can be freely allowed to drop on your forehead. The medium sized hair can stick well on the back of your head. Thus, the hair on the back will be noticeable from front through the side of ears.

Natural /Casual Wave

This hairstyle is also well received because of the super star Shahrukh Khan. If you enhance a short pony tail at the back, it would look very trendy. This can be opted for any outing or casual occasion. You can even use little gel to geta wet look and edging. This style is quicker and easy to attain when compared to other hairstyles.

Long Wavy Mop

This hairstyle is used by the famous star Hrithik Roshan. This would be the right choice for people who want lengthy hair. It will give you a modern look, but you need to maintain your hair by shampooing and conditioning for flawless look. It is suitable for men who have long face and not a round face.

Shaggy crop

This hairstyle is acalm style. The hair needs to be kept in little length. This style is little similar to muddled look. You can get a cool look from this style. Hairs will not be in order and will be free to play with the breeze. It is suitable for smooth and fashionable professionals.

Spiky Crop

This is one of the trendiest haircuts for men. The hair on the front needs to be cut in 1-inch length and other parts of the hair need to be cut in half inch length. To give a spiky look, you need to apply wax or gel. This will be suitable for boys who have long hair. Also it will be the perfect hairstyle for parties.

A good hair cut or hair style can affect one’s personality on the whole. Though there are many hair styles that are trendy and stylish, you need to think and consider whether it will be suitable for you or not before trying the same.

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